A Passing Fancy

A Passing Fancy

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A Passing Fancy - A Passing Fancy
Künstler:   A Passing Fancy
Titel:   A Passing Fancy
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Prog
Erscheinungsjahr:   2008
Format:   Digipack
Preis:   11.90 €
Label:   Lion
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Original release 1968
Re-issue LION Records 2008
Digipak-CD !


Legendary psychedelic gem from Canada - a combination of blissed-out pop-psychedelica and aggressive fuzz guitar raves. //

1. I'm Losing Tonight, 2. Passing Fancy, 3. Yuo're Going Out of My Mind, 4. Sounds Silly, 5. She Phoned, 6. I Believe in Sunshine, 7. Island, 8. Your Trip, 9. Little Boys for Little Girls, 10. Under the Bridge, 11. Spread Out, 12. People in Me.

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