European Stories + Bonustrack

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Abacus - European Stories + Bonustrack
Interprète   Abacus
Titre   European Stories + Bonustrack
Style / Musique:   Prog
Année de parution:   2016
Format:   CD
Prix:   14.90 €
Label:   New Music - Green Tree
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ABACUS - European Stories
Incl. one Bonustrack

1. Rome 8:17
2. Spanish Armada 10:10
3. Nancy Cathedral 8:54
4. Club de Marquee 10:05
5. Kumperland Boogie * 4:25
6. Berlin 5:05
7. European Tour Song 5:31
8. Gaelic Farewell 4:14

* Bonustrack

2016 Band Line Up:

Jürgen Wimpelberg: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Pelzer: Lead Vocals
Norbert Hötger: Bass, Guitar
Marc Klemme: Lead Guitar
Gianmarco Moroder: Drums

In 2016 Abacus is back presenting new material on Cd and Lp called European Stories.
While Destiny had been released on the French Musea label in 2009, Abacus now is pleased to have found the Berlin Numusi label for their new project.
European stories tells stories the band wrote down during their numerous tours across Europe years ago, at last to record them between 2013 and 2016 in studios in Hamm, the Channel Islands and Italy. The recordings were mastered in the Milian Mastering Studio Hamburg.
The actual line up of the band is as international as its Cd title: Keybaorder, bass player and guitarist fom Germany, French-German lead singer, drummer from Italy and more vocalists from England and the USA.

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