Aguaturbia & Volumen 2 (2 on 1 CD)

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Aguaturbia - Aguaturbia & Volumen 2   (2 on 1 CD)
artist:   Aguaturbia
title:   Aguaturbia & Volumen 2 (2 on 1 CD)
style:   Prog-Rock
release year:   2004
format:   CD
price:   13.90 €
label:   Record Runner
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Progressive Rock from Argentina

" 2 original recordings on 1 CD:
-Aguaturbia (1969)
-Volume 2 (1970
+ 3 Bonus-Tracks from 1973

Re-issue: 2004 Record Runner (Import-CD)

Official CD issue of both albums their two LP's from 1969 and 1970, a 1973 7" and one solo track by the guitarist, 75 minutes playing time in total. This is Chilean psych-rock with powerful female vocals and scandalous LP covers, some very heavy jams, fuzzed Hendrixy guitar work, spaced out vocals and acid madness with a Jefferson airplane feel. Artwork includes original cover artwork from both albums and a booklet that features live pictures and a brief history of the band. Essential for psych freaks.

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