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For Sale

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Alexander's Timeless Bloozband - For Sale
artist:   Alexander's Timeless Bloozband
title:   For Sale
style:   Psych / Blues
release year:   2011
format:   Digipack
price:   12.90 €
label:   Original Music Records
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Original release 1968
Re-issue 2011 O-Music

A bluesy outfit with some psychedelic influence...

C. Lamont (Bass), C. Lamont (Keyboards), Carl Lockhart (Bass), Carl Lockhart (Keyboards), Larry Marks (Bass), Larry Marks (Keyboards


1 Love So Strong

2 Horn Song

3 Plastic is Organic

4 Swannanoa Tunnel

5 Rosie

6 Front Man

7 Tight Rope Walker

8 Life

9 Darlin'

10 Help Me

11 Firefly

Review by Steve Kurutz

As dated as a pack of joss sticks, For Sale is far from timeless. From the psychedelic cover to the offbeat band moniker to the zany instrumentation -- flute, baroque horns -- just holding, never mind listening to, the album has the power to transport you to a hippie crash pad circa 1969. The songs themselves do their best to evoke the sounds of the day: "Love So Strong" is vintage Byrds, "Horn Song" takes its cue from Love, and the blues romp of "Help Me" is all Eric Burdon sass and swagger.

Alexander's Timeless Bloozband were definitely a second-tier act in the face of such heavy competition as The Doors, Yardbirds or The Electric Flag (to name three bands similar in mood and approach). Yet nevertheless they were still a crack band who contributed one stone cold classic to the pantheon in "Horn Song". Therefore, I recommended For Sale to fans of the sixties' blues rock and psych.

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