Black, The

Gorgoni (Vinyl)

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Black, The - Gorgoni  (Vinyl)
Künstler:   Black, The
Titel:   Gorgoni (Vinyl)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Doom-Prog-Rock
Erscheinungsjahr:   2010
Format:   Doppel Vinyl
Preis:   29.90 €
Label:   Black Widow
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New album for one of the ITALIAN HEAVY METAL founder! Art, Music, Mysticism are the essence of Mario "The Black" Di Donato career. The Black is well known for his painting and he is worldwide appreciated. His music has this "art" inside and Mario called his music "Metal Mentis" (Metal of the soul). He is the founder of this movement called "Ars et Metal Mentis".
This album is dedicated to Gorgon, fascinating and terrifying female creature of Greek Mythology; the music is also really a terrifying heavy metal, probably the heaviest and best album by The Black, never so inspired and doomy. With Thomas Hand Chaste (Death SS, Witchfield, Sancta Sanctorum) as special guest!

Proludium 2:47
Monstrum 5:38
Medusa 3:52
Perseus 6:11
Euriale 3:44
Phorcus 4:10
Steno 6:54
Obscuritas 4:06
Pegasus 3:50
Serpentis 5:27
In Lapidem Muto 4:10
Occumbere Mortem 8:32
Altamir 3:27
Metamorphoses 14:47
. Transfiguratio I 4:33
. Transfiguratio II 2:57
. Transfiguratio III 3:19
. Transfiguratio IV 3:58

Mario "The Black" Di Donato: Voce, Chitarra, effetti speciali
Enio Nicolini: Basso
Gianluca Bracciale: Batteria
Davide Martinelli: Tastiere in "Proludium"
Chiara Pantalone: Cori in "Perseus"
Domenico Agresta: Cori in "Perseus"
Fabrizio Cini: Assolo Chitarra in "Obscuritas"
Thomas Hand Chaste: Tastiere in "Altamir"
Fabrizio Cini: Effetti speciali


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