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Bubu - Anabelas
Künstler:   Bubu
Titel:   Anabelas
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Prog-Rock
Format:   CD
Preis:   13.90 €
Label:   Serie Collectors
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Progressive Rock (Argentina)<

Original release 1978
Reissue Serie Collectors

This Argentine group plays very intricate and original music. Along with the traditional rock set-up (guitar, bass, and drums), the band featured a violonist, flutist, saxophonist, and pianist. Their music is complex, energetic, and diabolical in a KING CRIMSON-ish sort of way. Influences are varied (classic, jazz, rock, folk) but make up quite an interesting blend.

"Anabelas" consists of three long compositios, and features mostly instrumental music that sounds like a combination of early KING CRIMSON and ANGLAGARD. For those who are into more intricate prog, there is plenty of dissonance and structural complexity to delight, but is still a PHENOMENAL album.

Track Listings

1. El Cortejo de un Día Amarillo (19:25)
2. El Viaje de Anabelas (11:12)
3. Sueños de Maniquí (9:16)

Total Time: 39:53


- Sergio Polizzi / violin
- Cecilia Tenconi / flute, piccolo, bass flute
- Win Fortsman / tenor sax, words
- Petty Guelache / lead &amp; backing vocals
- Eduardo Rogatti / guitar
- Eduardo "Fleke" Folino / bass
- Eduardo "Polo" Corbella / drums, percussion
- Daniel Andreoli / composition, arrangement

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