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Abraxis - Abraxis
Interprète   Abraxis
Titre   Abraxis
Style / Musique:   Jazzrock
Année de parution:   2015
Format:   CD
Prix:   11.90 €
Label:   Paisley Press
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Originally released 1977
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
Sealed !

Abraxis is a jazz/fusion band from Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium with well implementation of some classical music elements.
The band's eponymously titled LP was recorded in December 1976, and released on the "I. B. C." (International Bestseller Company) subsidiary of EMI-Benelux.
Several of the bandmembers played in other Belgian jazz-rock groups such as Placebo, Waterloo, Cos and Pazop.

This album is a cross between flute jazz, Canterbury inspired fusion and 70s funk. Somewhere between Chris Hinze, Cos, Cortex and Herbie Hancock is where you'll find the sound of Abraxis. Flute drives the melody and solo lines, but there's plenty of introspective piano sections as well. Which play nicely against the ferocious electric guitar.


Dirk Bogaert - Flute
Paul Elias - Guitar
Jean-Paul Musette - Bass
Charles Loos - Keyboards
Jack Mauer - Drums
Tony Malisan - Drums (only on 2,4,5)


1) Clear Hours (Ch. Loos) 2:30
2) Valse De La Mort (Ch. Loos) 16:12
2a) A Boire
2b) Et à
2c) Manger
3) Sweetank (Ch. Loos) 4:24
4) Billy The Keith (Ch. Loos) 3:52
5) Jeronimo (J.-P. Musette) 1:56
5a) Bolle Winkel (Ch. Loos) 5:44
5b) Arhumba (Ch. Loos) 1:42

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