Charlee feat. Walter Rossi

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Charlee - Charlee feat. Walter Rossi
Interprète   Charlee
Titre   Charlee feat. Walter Rossi
Style / Musique:   Prog
Année de parution:   1995
Format:   CD
Prix:   11.90 €
Label:   Buy Or Die
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Feat. Walter Rossi

Original release 1972
Re-issue 1995 BOD Records

01. Wizzard
02. Lord Knows I've Won
03. Just You And Me
04. A Way To Die
05. Let's Keep Silent
06. Wheel Of Fortune Turning
07. It Isn't The First Time
08. Let's Keep Silent

Walter Rossi
Jack Geisinger
Mike Driscoll

Walter Rossi is one of Canada's unsung veterans of the music scene having been involved (without much recognition) as a musician since the mid-sixties.

Rossi's first professional gig as a guitarist was with Wilson Pickett's The Soul Mates then the Buddy Miles Express in the mid-sixties. Rossi later joined the Montreal based band The Influence in 1967. After one critically acclaimed album in 1968 the band split up and Rossi would go on to join a variety of bands; Luke And The Apostles (197071), Charlee (1972) and The Bombers (1978) before becoming a studio musician and a solo performer.

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