Detroit feat. Mitch Ryder

Detroit + Bonus

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Detroit feat. Mitch Ryder - Detroit + Bonus
Interprète   Detroit feat. Mitch Ryder
Titre   Detroit + Bonus
Style / Musique:   Prog-Rock
Année de parution:   2008
Format:   Digipack
Prix:   15.90 €
Label:   Akarma
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Original release 1971
Re-issue Akarma

This is Detroit rock and Mitch Ryder at his best. With Jim McCarty on guitar and Johnny "B" Banazak on drums, this music has a drive that never quits. Not even after 35 years. Mitch took Lou Reed's "Rock n Roll" and made it his own song. After this, Mitch had to retire for years to save his vocal chords.
That should tell how much effort Mitch Ryder put into this group.


1. Long Neck Goose
2. Is It You (Or Is It Me)
3. It Ain't Easy
4. Rock 'N' Roll
5. Let It Rock
6. Drink
7. Box of Old Roses
8. I Found a Love
9. Gimme Shelter [*]

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