Garrison, Michael

Brave New Worlds + Bonus

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Garrison, Michael - Brave New Worlds + Bonus
Künstler:   Garrison, Michael
Titel:   Brave New Worlds + Bonus
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Electronic
Erscheinungsjahr:   1998
Format:   CD
Preis:   39.90 €
Label:   Garrisongs Music
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Original release 1999

Verticles circles
Call me down
Rings of Pegasus
Renegade moon
Jorney of thoughts
Inti the distance

+ special bonus track:
Digital Re-master of
Originally released on the album "Eclipse"

A longstanding American exponent of sequencer-based music, Garrison has released over a half-dozen albums of high-energy electronics. Strongly influenced by European innovators like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, this Oregon-based artist enjoys propelling listeners into rhythmic travels along the space-time continuum.

- Linda Kohanov, All Music Guide


1. Departure 3:52
2. Airborne 11:22
3. Celestial Nights 2:28
4. Daydreams 2:13
5. The Elliptical Sun 4:37
6. Interstellar Romance 6:10
7. Dimensions 10:58
8. The Awakening 5:03
9. Cloud Burst 2001 1:15

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