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Alphataurus - Live In Bloom
Künstler:   Alphataurus
Titel:   Live In Bloom
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Italo Prog
Erscheinungsjahr:   2010
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   24.90 €
Label:   AMS Records
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Live, released in 2012
Re-issue AMS, Italy

Alphataurus biography
Alphataurus is one of those legendary RPI bands who are obscure in the annals of general progressive rock, but much appreciated by Italian prog fanatics who venture beyond the more well-known groups. Not much is known about the group from Milan who sprang on to the scene with a great album before vanishing in typical RPI fashion. A second album was partially recorded and later released by Mellow in the '90s as part of their archival projects. Our original site Bio summed them up like this:

"Expressive Heavy prog band from the classic early 70's Italian prog scene, very similar to MUSEO ROSENBACH and IL BALLETO DI BRONZO. Just like their contemporary 'sister' bands they mix very well the heavy parts with soft melodic passages, with exquisite contrasting strong voice. The keyboards are superb and their long thematic developments alone would merit an interest in their albums. They released two albums, the first one "Alphataurus" considered by many as a masterpiece of the 70's Italian scene. They are an unparallel heavy prog classic to my ears."

They did mix well the light and heavier sections and sometimes even a bluesy, jazzy, or spacey edge. I believe they probably had both English and Italian influences with the former being perhaps VDGG or even Deep Purple. I would say if you enjoy the heavier side of Italian, such as De De Lind, JET, or Museo Rosenbach, you will need to check out Alphataurus. Tragically the band split in 1974 while working on their second album, leaving it unfinished. It was released posthumously but was not even close to finished. Drummer Giorgio Santandrea went on to work briefly in Crystals, and Pietro Pellegrini collaborated with both Riccardo Zappa and PFM.

[Jim Russell/Finnforest]

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Peccato D'orgoglio (12:57)
2. Ombra Muta (9:36)
3. La Mente Vola (11:00)
4. Dopo L'uragano (7:31)
5. Croma (4:05)

Line-up / Musicians:

- Pietro Pellegrini / organ, synths
- Giorgio Santandrea / drums
- Guido Wassermann / guitar, vocals
- Andrea Guizzetti / piano, keyboards, vocals
- Fabio Rigamonti / bass, vocals
- Claudio Falcone / lead vocals, percussion

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