Michael Hurley

Fatboy Spring (Vinyl Reissue)

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Michael Hurley - Fatboy Spring  (Vinyl Reissue)
Künstler:   Michael Hurley
Titel:   Fatboy Spring (Vinyl Reissue)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Folkrock
Erscheinungsjahr:   2011
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   19.90 €
Label:   Mississippi Records / Secret Seven
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Original released 1973
Vinyl Reissue 2011 Mississippi Records / Secret Seven

A full LP of never before released MICHAEL HURLEY recordings from 1972-'73! Great early versions of classic Hurley songs such as "Automatic Slim & the Fatboys," "Drivin' Wheel," "Ghost Woman Blues," "Watchin' the Show" and "The Portland Water" that come off for the most part better than later releases of these songs. Hurley is backed up by THE FATBOYS—not the rotund hip hop crew from the film Disorderlies, but rather a bunch of not so fat nice guys in Vermont who played mostly for the local dairy farmers (later they were known as SHERIFF MOCUS & THE DERANGED COWBOYS). A laid back countryish album sure to please the hardcore Hurley fan and casual listener too. Deep and breezy. Cover painting by Michael. A co-release between Mississippi and Secret Seven.

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