The Weeds

AKA The Lollipop Shoppe (Vinyl Reissue)

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The Weeds - AKA The Lollipop Shoppe  (Vinyl Reissue)
Künstler:   The Weeds
Titel:   AKA The Lollipop Shoppe (Vinyl Reissue)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Garage Rock
Erscheinungsjahr:   2007
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   19.90 €
Label:   Way Back Records
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Original release 1971

Vinyl Reissue 2007 Way Back Records

The Lollipop Shoppe were a 1960s psychodelic garage rock band from Portland, Oregon (USA).

They were originally known as The Weeds. The album and its single, "You Must Be a Witch" are regarded as period classics and still prized by collectors, though neither made the charts. 

Music Maniac label has illegitimately reissued it as "The Weeds". This release includes their 1966 single "It's Your Time" b/w "Little Girl" as well as the two songs from the soundtrack of "Angels from Hell". The Lollipop Shoppe released one more single, "Someone I Knew" b/w "Through My Window", before breaking up in 1969.

eingeschweißt - sealed !

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