Hamilton, Dirk

Alias i

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Hamilton, Dirk - Alias i
Künstler:   Hamilton, Dirk
Titel:   Alias i
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Beat
Erscheinungsjahr:   2005
Format:   Digipack
Preis:   11.90 €
Label:   Akarma
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Dirk Hamilton: "Alias i" (Akarma - CD 2005) original sealed !!!
original released: 1977

Track Listing:
1. In the Eyes of the Night
2. The Ballad Of Dickie Pferd
3. For Diana
4. Alias i
5. Los Gatos
6. Joanna Ree
7. Classic Sweat Poze, The
8. Light Of Love, The

Bonus Tracks:
9. The Big Hoo Hoo
10. As A Matter of fact

This is Dirk's second album, from 1977, and his best one in the opinion of many. He combines Dylan sounds with an expressive, almost doleful voice that's worthy of a Van Morrison and is as creative as a very modern songwriter. Harp, accoustic guitar, organ in the background, percussion, a few guitar cues in a succession of songs where acoustic (Heroes maybe) or electric (Whistlin' in the Dark) create a unique sound, very"Hamiltonian". Contains two unreleased songs.

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