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Horse - Horse
Interprète   Horse
Titre   Horse
Style / Musique:   Prog-Rock
Année de parution:   1999
Format:   CD
Prix:   8.90 €
Label:   Buy Or Die
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Progressive Rock
Original release 1971 BOD / Green Tree

Although HORSE didn't stay around too long, their rare sole album from 1970 ROCKS!! Similar in some respects to Black Widow, particulary on "The Sacrifice", there's some splendid heavy, chunky riffing amid more laid back numbers. At times the band spin off into some fine early '70s guitar based progressive excursions. Features pre-Saturnalia and Atomic Rooster members.

Track Listing:

1. The Sacrifice
2. See the People Creeping Round
3. And I have Loved You
4. Freedom Rider
5. Lost Control
6. To Greet The Sun
7. The Journey
8. Heat of the summer
9. Gypsy Queen
10.Step Out Of Line

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