Andromeda feat. John (Du) Cann

Andromeda (Vinyl Reissue + 7

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Andromeda feat. John (Du) Cann - Andromeda   (Vinyl Reissue + 7
Künstler:   Andromeda feat. John (Du) Cann
Titel:   Andromeda (Vinyl Reissue + 7
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Progressive Hardrock
Erscheinungsjahr:   2014
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   29.90 €
Label:   Black Widow
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Originally released 1969
Vinyl reissue 2014

+ 7 inch
+ Poster
+ 3 Sketches from John Du Cann

This album is a masterpiece of Heavy Progressive Rock with Proto-Metal and Space Rock tinges.

Black Widow Records release of one of the hidden treasures of the English psych-progressiva era of the late sixties: ANDROMEDA "Same" originally released by RCA in 1969.

The new LP edition includes the single "Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying / Go Your Way", the cover is in original artwork with special laminated cover.

ANDROMEDA was a blend of psychedelic, progressive, jazz and hard rock power trio which lasted only enough to release one album. They were formed back in '68, by John Du Cann, later of ATOMIC ROOSTER, after the break of his previous band, THE ATTACK.

Du Cann (guitar), along with Mick Hawksworth (bass) and Jack Collins (drums), recorded a psychedelic rock project named THE FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE, being a concept album much praised by collectors nowadays. After recording this project, the three decided to form a band, who was called ANDROMEDA. The band started to gig, record demos, live material, etc, but without and recording contract.

In '69, they were helped by John Peel, after recording sessions in Top Gear programme. It was arranged for them to record a single, by RCA, in Peel's label Dandelion; later they signed a contract to record an album, self titled. The band had some disagreements with Peel by the time Collins left, being substituted by Ian McLane, and they broke the contract. Though the band toured with BLACK SABBATH, recorded several live radio performances and even Pete Townshend from THE WHO showed his interest to produce their album, nothing turned out as expected, but they could hold a contract with RCA, were they released their only, self- titled album in '69. The album was acclaimed by critics, but had no great success among the public, so they never released another material again. Du Cann left in late 69' going to form Atomic Rooster, along with Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer from CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN. The other members tried to continue with new guitarists, but the band soon split....

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