Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus (LP)

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Jacula - Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus  (LP)
Künstler:   Jacula
Titel:   Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus (LP)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Prog-Rock
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   24.90 €
Label:   Black Widow
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35th Anniversary Edition including "Absolution" unpublished audio video track 1973 In Milan in 1968 the composer Antonio Bartoccetti founded the groups JACULA and ANTONIUS REX, with a view to transform into music a series of theological-philosophical and esoteric observations. "TARDO PEDE IN MAGIAM VERSUS" (1972): From the inner search to the magic worlds. Classic versus progressive contaminations. First ecological document, church organ, harpsichord, bass, mini-moog, violins, flutes, celebrating voices.

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