Le Orme

Live Orme (Double-LP)

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Le Orme - Live Orme   (Double-LP)
Künstler:   Le Orme
Titel:   Live Orme (Double-LP)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Prog-Rock
Erscheinungsjahr:   2010
Format:   Doppel Vinyl
Preis:   34.90 €
Label:   Black Widow
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2010 Black Widow

Originally released in Japan by Nexus/King Records label over 20 years ago, this new reissue contains various wonderful live performances of one of most known Italian progressive band captured during the 70's, includes some covers like Whole lotta love and Aqualong and many of their most known compositions like Regina al Troubadour, Sguardo verso il cielo,, Era inverno, Cemento Armato....
This release has completely remastered by Studio Maia, Genova giving back the feeling of the original Orme performances.
Both versions (Double Cd and Double LP + 10 inch) contain five bonus tracks (Los angeles, Amico di Ieri, Laurel Canyon, Sera, La porta chiusa) not included in the original Japanese pressing.

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