Velvett Fogg

Velvett Fogg + Bonustracks

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Velvett Fogg - Velvett Fogg + Bonustracks
Künstler:   Velvett Fogg
Titel:   Velvett Fogg + Bonustracks
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Prog
Erscheinungsjahr:   2017
Format:   CD
Preis:   13.90 €
Label:   Amphonotones
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Originally Released 1969
CD Reissue 2017 Amphonotones

+ 2 bonustracks

Sealed !

Velvett Fogg were a British psychedelic rock band. Tony Iommi was a member in mid-1968, but soon left to form Black Sabbath. Their lone eponymous album was released in January 1969

Velvett Fogg were formed in 1968 from members of a Birmingham band Gravy Train. Up front was soul singer Ernie Handy, Bob Hewitt was lead guitarist, with Graham Mullett on drums, and Mick Pollard on bass guitar. Londoner Frank Wilson who played Hammond organ, was also on vocals, eventually becoming band leader and lead vocalist.

Paul Eastment went on to join The Ghost, Frank Wilson went on to join Warhorse and is still playing. Keith Law is still writing and is now a successful entertainer.

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