Mayall, John

Road Show Blues

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Mayall, John - Road Show Blues
Interprète   Mayall, John
Titre   Road Show Blues
Style / Musique:   Prog
Format:   Digipack
Prix:   12.90 €
Label:   Universe
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John Mayall: "Road Show Blues" (CD)
Label Comet Records 2000
original released 1980

road show blues - track listing

track# song name track time
1 Why Worry (3:15)
2 Road Show (4:21)
3 Mama Talk to Your Daughter (3:52)
4 Big Man (4:51)
5 Lost and Gone (2:40)
6 Mexico City (5:00)
7 John Lee Boogie (4:10)
8 Reaching for a Mountain (4:20)
9 Baby, What You Want Me to Do (5:08)

road show blues - album reviews

Road Show Blues was John Mayalls third album for the U.K.'s DJM Records, following Bottom Line and No More Interviews. At this time, his backup band included guitarist/singer James Quill Smith, bassist Kevin McCormick, drummer Soko Richardson, and singer Maggie Parker. Two cuts, Jimmy Reeds "Baby, What You Want Me to Do" and Mayalls "Mexico City," were recorded live. The band is a tight unit in support of the leader, who sings and plays fiercely. By the time that this album, the last in Mayalls DJM contract, was recorded, his career was in decline, and the disc was not released in the U.S. at the time. It would be another five years before he made another. Through some corporate legerdemain, the record has bounced around from one company to another and been reissued several times under different titles. These reissues include The Adventures of John Mayall, Road Show, and Lost and Gone. Of course, the Mayall fan needs only one, but it does make a worthy addition to the catalog. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
Road Show Blues

road show blues - album credits

Road Show Blues Kevin McCormick Road Show Blues Bass
Road Show Blues Christiaan Mostert Road Show Blues Flute, Saxophone
Road Show Blues Maggie Parker Road Show Blues Percussion, Vocals (Background), Vocals
Road Show Blues Soko Richardson Road Show Blues Drums
Road Show Blues James Quill Smith Road Show Blues Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Road Show Blues Michael Heatley Road Show Blues Liner Notes
Road Show Blues John Mayall Road Show Blues Organ, Guitar, Piano, Multi Instruments, Main Performer, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica

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