Amigos De Maria

Rock (Vinyl Reissue)

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Amigos De Maria - Rock  (Vinyl Reissue)
Künstler:   Amigos De Maria
Titel:   Rock (Vinyl Reissue)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Psychedelic
Erscheinungsjahr:   2014
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   17.90 €
Label:   Barnyard Records
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Originally released 1973
Vinyl reissue 2014 Barnyard Records

Sealed !

The album is great and contains 2 amazing cover versions from the Box Tops "The Letter" and a fuzzed-out version of Ray Charles "What'd I Say."

Side A
1. Vuelve A Comenzar
2. La Carta
3. Guitarra

Side B
1. Que Dije
2. Ruta 66
3. Sally La Larga
4. Quien Parara La Lluvia

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