Recuerdos De Mi Tierra

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Mezquita - Recuerdos De Mi Tierra
Interprète   Mezquita
Titre   Recuerdos De Mi Tierra
Style / Musique:   Prog-Rock
Année de parution:   2007
Format:   CD
Prix:   11.90 €
Label:   Picar
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Progressive Rock (Spain)

Original release 1979
Re-issue 2007 Picar
Digitally remastered

Fantastic symphonic progressive from Spain. Layers of synth intertwine with electric and flamenco guitar to create a gorgeous work of intensity and melody .
Vocals are in Spanish, which i think has to be one of the nicest singing language. Native Spanish influences as well as the best ideas from the Italian symphonic progressive bands can be heard throughout the music giving a unique twist to this sub-genre. The intensity never lets up. One of the best from Spain, or anywhere for that matter.

Jose Rafa, guitars, vocals; Randy, bass, percussion, vocals; Roscka, keyboards, vocals; Zorrilla, drums, percussion, vocals; with Santlago Crespon, violin; Jose Azpiri, violin; Juan Ferrera, violin; Manuel Lopez, cello

1. Recuerdos de mi Tierra — 7:47
2. El Bizco de los Patios — 4:21
3. Desde que Somos Dos — 5:48
4. Ara Buza (Dame un Beso) — 4:37
5. El Suicidio — 7:24
6. Obertura en si Bemol — 6:09

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