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Nitzinger - Nitzinger
artist:   Nitzinger
title:   Nitzinger
style:   Texas-Rock
release year:   1995
format:   CD
price:   8.90 €
label:   Buy Or Die
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Original release 1972
Re-issue BOD Records 1995

Reissue of this great early '70's US rock band's debut album. Led by John Nitzinger one of the main songwriters for US band Bloodrock (managed by the manager of Grand Funk) this is powerful heavy and soulful rock with slick backing harmonies and a rough hewn guitar sound. Fans of who like their rock hot 'n' heavy with a southern groove and great guitar will love this gem.

Track Listing:
1. L.A. Texas Boy
2. Ticklelick
3. No Sun
4. Louisiana Cock Fight
5. Boogie Queen
6. Witness To The Truth
7. The Nature Of Your Taste
8. My Last Goodbye
9. Enigma
10. Hero of the War

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