Orange Peel

Orange Peel (Digipak-CD)

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Orange Peel - Orange Peel   (Digipak-CD)
Interprète   Orange Peel
Titre   Orange Peel (Digipak-CD)
Style / Musique:   Krautrock
Année de parution:   2003
Format:   Digipack
Prix:   11.90 €
Label:   CMP
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German Progressive Rock
feat. Curt Cress & Peter Bischof

Original release 1972 Bacillus
Re-issue CMP

Peter Bischof - Vocals, Percussion
Curt Cress - Drums, Percussion
Leslie Link - Guitar
Heini Mohn - Bass
Ralph Wiltheiß - Organ

This release marked the start of Curt Cress' long and impressive career. He was then only 17 years old, and still studying the art of percussion, when the Orange Peel album was recorded late in 1969 at the Dierks studio (actually one of the first Dierks productions I know about!) The result was a vintage blend of progressive music, comparable to Tomorrow's Gift (1st album) or Nosferatu. The four mainly instrumental tracks sounded somewhat unfinished. Orange Peel disbanded in 1970. Bassist Helm Mohn replaced Michael Ertl in Epsilon in time for their second album, "Move On" (1971), while Curt Cress went on to Emergency, Passport, Atlantis and several other bands. Gradually he built up his reputation as one of Germany's finest session drummers.

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