Prodigal Sons, The

Prodigal Sons (CD)

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Prodigal Sons, The - Prodigal Sons  (CD)
Interprète   Prodigal Sons, The
Titre   Prodigal Sons (CD)
Style / Musique:   Progressive Hardrock
Année de parution:   2010
Format:   Digipack
Prix:   13.90 €
Label:   NuMusi Records
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Original release 1972
Re-issue NuMusi Records 2010

Heavy hard Southern tinged rock from circa 1972. Killer cuts like "Water Song" and "Song of Yeti"..This is a killer throughout and unknown heretofore. Sounds great and cool cover completes package....

Sounds like a mix of Bolder Damn and Allman Brothers, with maybe a little Feather Da Gamba. Lost music from a lost time. 'Water Song,' 'Right On.' New." "The mystery and music of The Prodigal Sons continues to thrill and mesmerize listeners to this day. Who are they? Where are they? The answers my friend lay in the vault of the Void. One thing is for certain... they know how to play kickass rock 'n' roll early '70s style before all the head bangin' mumbo jumbo. Listen on, as many have already... to the power and the glory that is and was... The Prodigal Sons as they Emerge From The Void."

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