Ja Tik Butu.... (Vinyl Reissue)

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Alva - Ja Tik Butu.... (Vinyl Reissue)
Künstler:   Alva
Titel:   Ja Tik Butu.... (Vinyl Reissue)
Stil / Musikrichtung:   Garage Rock
Erscheinungsjahr:   2015
Format:   Vinyl
Preis:   19.90 €
Label:   Psychedelic Sounds International
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Originally released 1978
Vinyl reissue 2015 Psychedelic Sounds International


Based in England at the time they released their sole album "Ja tik butu" they fell straight into the folk rock genre with their cross of melancholic, even slightly psychedelic rock and colorful, mystifying Baltic folk and all of this in the middle of the UK punk explosion. So you will certainly be aware of the raw edge the rock part of their music bears.

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