Il Segno Del Comando

Il Volto Verde (Vinyl Reissue)

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Il Segno Del Comando - Il Volto Verde  (Vinyl Reissue)
artist:   Il Segno Del Comando
title:   Il Volto Verde (Vinyl Reissue)
style:   Progressive Rock
release year:   2013
format:   Vinyl
price:   22.90 €
label:   Black Widow
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Vinyl Reissue 2013 Black Widow

The music of Il Segno Del Comando is full of classical gothic atmosphere, spooky overwhelming arrangements, cinematic drama and eerie nightmare soundscapes that crawl under your skin. 

Complex lyrics based around a fascination of gothic literature and esoteric texts are a highlight, frequently contrasting the normality of everyday life with the mystery of the paranormal. 

The music is very organ driven, with plenty of use of Mellotron and analogue synths for an authentic vintage sound. 

The piano is frequently classical and theatrical based, bringing an important characteristic that many of the defining Italian bands featured. Folky acoustic guitar passages are reflective and thoughtful, while the grand electric solos can echo ANTONTIO BARTOCCETTI and even CAMEL, heavy, but never enough to have the band confused for being a metal act. Lead vocalist Mercy has a deep, crooning, and intimidating delivery. 

Add in some psychedelic passages, modern electronic elements and a general wild, uninhibited and experimental approach to make the band truly stand out. 

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