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Baccini, Sophya - Aradia
Interprète   Baccini, Sophya
Titre   Aradia
Style / Musique:   Progressive Rock
Année de parution:   2009
Format:   CD
Prix:   14.90 €
Label:   Black Widow
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Sophya Baccini biography
Sophya Baccini is one of the more unique female voices in progressive rock, let alone RPI. She sings using Italian, Neapolitan, French and English texts, and performed for years as an in-demand session musician. She became the lead vocalist for the dark progressive band PRESENCE, with whom she has until now recorded six albums. She continues to contribute to various projects, both as a solo musician (such as the 2003 Colossus project "Kalevala") and as a guest vocalist (the most prominent being the recent OSANNA album "Prog Family" and the 2009 DELIRIUM release, "Il Nome del Vento").

In 2009, Sophya completed her first solo album, "Aradìa," which is essentially a sixty minute operatic-styled suite completely composed, sung, and performed by Sophya with some guests. The style is dark progressive, very passionate and full of theatricality. She incorporates several elements of voice and electronic experimentation, including sampling, echoes, and "dissonant choirs." She blends many of the musical elements of Italy into a compelling work, one which the adventurous, open-minded listener will find much to enjoy. 

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. La Pietra (9:41 )
2. How Good (2:38)
3. Studiare-Studiare (4:26)
4. Will Love Drive Out the Rain (5:22)
5. Adesso (2:04) 
6. Al Ritmo Di Una Storia (3:47)
7. Beware-Beware (5:09)
8. Ever Too Small (2:36)
9. Don't Dream That Dream (4:22)
10. Non E' l'Amore il Tuo Destino (3:34)
11. L'Ennesimo No (2:09)
12. Elide (5:50)
13. Aradia (3:47)
14. Two Witches & Doreen (4:11)
15. Nei Luoghi (3:58)
16. When the Eagles Flied (3:38)
17. Circle Game (2:1)
18. When the Eagles Flied (Bonus Video)

Total Time 69:25

Line-up / Musicians

- Sophya Baccini / vocals; piano, synthesizer, clavinet, mellotron
- Pino Falgani / percussion; Moog, Hammond
- Vittorio Cataldi / accordion, violin
- Franco Ponzo / guitar 
- Stefano Vicarelli / modular Moog (1, 12)
- Aurelio Fierro Jr. / drums (6, 12)
- Martin Grice / flute (9), sax (15)
- Nona Luna / vocals (14)
- Ana Torres / vocals (14)
- Lino Vairetti / vocals (10)

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