Tarney / Spencer Band , The

Run For Your Life + 4 Bonus (Digipak)

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Tarney / Spencer Band , The - Run For Your Life + 4 Bonus  (Digipak)
artist:   Tarney / Spencer Band , The
title:   Run For Your Life + 4 Bonus (Digipak)
style:   Prog-Rock
release year:   2008
format:   Digipack
price:   13.90 €
label:   Tone Arm Music
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Original release 1979
Re-issue 2008 Tone Arm
+ 4 rare Single-Bonus Tracks
Digipak !!!


1. No Time To Lose
2. The Race Is Almost Run
3. Won'tcha Tell me
4. Live Again
5. Run For Your Life
6. Don't
7. Far Better Man
8. Lies
9. A Heart Will Break Tonight
10. I'm Alive

11. Guitar Slinger
12. Cathy's Clown
13 Anything I Can Do
14 The Real Thing

Tarney-Spencer Band was an Australian rock band composed of Trevor Spencer and Alan Tarney in the late 1970s. The band recorded three albums, and is notable for the song "No Time to Lose" which received substantial air-play in the USA on Album-oriented rock radio stations, and charted twice on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

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