Costumed Cutise

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Train - Costumed Cutise
artist:   Train
title:   Costumed Cutise
style:   Prog / Jazz / Psych
release year:   2011
format:   Digipack
price:   12.90 €
label:   Original Music Records
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Train were a Danish group that relocated to the United States and with the help of Vincent Bell, Bob Lenox, and Don Kreider released this very interesting Prog/Psych lp. A sort of schizophrenic album, with some very nice progressive touches.


  1. Oink Oink
  2. Bishop Pawn Three
  3. Guest Hotel
  4. Screw You
  5. Lily White
  6. Dreams And Realities
  7. Costumed Cuties
  8. Hasting's Worth Resolved
  9. Toe Jam
  10. Abolene Gold
  11. Love Is All
  12. Road Race

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